Platform Guidelines

Platform guidelines

How these guidelines are enforced

Please keep in mind that Bingeme is a diverse community, and you may disagree with someone's point of view without violating our Platform Guidelines. That said, if you come across a page on Bingeme that you believe violates our Platform Guidelines, please use our reporting tool to report it. A member of the team will review the report, and if our Platform Guidelines have been broken, the case manager will contact the influencer and inform them of their violation.
This is a dedication to the artists. We understand that this is your livelihood. Our initial instinct is to try to educate influencers so that they may understand why a rule was broken and how to fix it. We may take further action, such as suspending or deleting their account, if the breach is exceptionally serious or willful. We may prohibit a influencer from utilising Bingeme in exceptional instances.
Bingeme is for innovators who bring something new to the world. You may not post creations that infringe on the intellectual property rights of others as a influencer.
You can't make false pages or collect money for services or items you don't provide. You can't, for example, make a fan page for someone else.
You cannot deceive subscribers by pretending to be or impersonating someone else by using their name, brand, or works. We'll approach satire and comedy differently since we believe these subgenres are unique.

Bullying, harassment, and threats

Because we want Bingeme to be a safe place for our many communities, we do not tolerate bullying or harassment. Simultaneously, we want individuals to be able to express themselves, be critical, and debate contentious matters.


You cannot attempt to intimidate anyone, either directly or by using your influence over others. We treat real-life interactions and online interactions with equal seriousness when analyzing whether a line has been crossed and take appropriate steps to arrest the incident immediately.


Anyone on Bingeme should be able to express themselves in a way that does not threaten or give another person discomfort or pain. We take threats of violence very seriously in this regard. Any author or subscriber who poses a threat to the safety of an individual or a group of people will be removed from the site without warning. This includes stalking or inciting people to perform violent crimes, among other things.
If you are a victim of this activity and believe that your safety is in jeopardy, we recommend that you contact local law authorities as well as reporting the behaviour to us.

Hate speech

Projects that sponsor hate speech, such as calls for violence, exclusion, or segregation, have no place on Bingeme. Major attacks against persons based on their race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sex, gender, sexual orientation, age, handicap, or serious medical issues are examples.

18+ creations

As we strive to create a community that is inclusive and diverse, we want to take into consideration our diverse user base of different ages and sensitivities. We require that all posts on your page be appropriate for all audiences/ages. Posts with mature themes must be marked as “subscriber Only".


You cannot post nude creations on Bingeme of both real and fictional subjects. This means that you cannot post nudity in public areas including your profile picture, banner, reward images or ‘about me’ section. As a reminder, you should never post or share nude creations of any individual under the age of 18, including yourself.

Pornography and sexual services:

We do not allow pornographic material or sexual services on Bingeme, which we define as "real people engaging in sexual acts such as masturbation or sexual intercourse on camera." For further information, please consult our Content & Creation Guidelines.

Offensive and graphic creations:

We review any content reported as offensive and graphic & we have zero tolerance when it comes to the glorification of sexual violence which includes bestiality, rape, and child exploitation (i.e., sexualized depiction of minors). This is true for illustrated, animated, or any other type of creations. Bingeme reserves the right to review and remove accounts that may violate this guideline.
We also do not allow other fringe sexual fetish creations, such as incest, necrophilia, or fetish creations.

People who cannot use Bingeme

Because Bingeme gives people financial power, we limit the types of media and projects that can be supported on the platform, as well as who can and cannot receive funds. Any influencer caught in the act or convicted of making credible violent threats, conducting violent crimes, malicious doxing, orchestrating nonviolent harm (such as fraud, money laundering, or gambling), or encouraging others to do any of these things may be barred from using Bingeme.


You cannot use Bingeme to fund your run for office or to fund for political campaigns.

Criminal or Harmful Past:

Any influencer caught in the act or convicted of making credible violent threats, committing violent crimes, child abuse, malicious doxing, coordinating nonviolent harm (such as fraud, money laundering, and gambling), or encouraging others to do any of these activities, may be banned from using Bingeme.

Dangerous Organizations:

Regardless of the purpose or apparent intention of their Bingeme page, any individual or group with a criminal history or a suspect, or any affiliation with violent or dangerous groups (including terrorist or cyber terrorist organisations, organised criminal groups, and violent hate groups), cannot receive funds through Bingeme.
Bingeme will not be used by any influencer who praises or actively supports these groups or their leaders.

Harmful and illegal activities

We do not permit the collection of funds for any damaging or unlawful activities. You cannot sponsor creations that advocate, threaten, or depict you harming yourself, other people, or any other living creature, or causing property damage, among other things. Similarly, you cannot promote unlawful activities such as property crime, illicit weapon distribution, or drug manufacturing.


We do not allow any page that promotes or glorifies self-harm, self-injury, suicide, physical challenges or an eating disorder.

If you or someone close to you might be in danger of hurting themselves, please contact local authorities or seek help.

Illegal activity:

We do not accept pages that solicit funds for any illegal purpose or encourage others to do so. Influencers should not, for example, advocate illicit weaponry, drug manufacture or distribution tactics, or property crime. We don't accept creations that help coordinate or incite vandalism, for example. We do, however, accept street art.

Dangerous activities:

We request that influencers who publish potentially hazardous stunts provide a clear notice. If a post is too graphic or harmful for a wide readership, we require it to be labelled as "subscriber Only."


While it can be hard to grow a subscriber base, no one likes being spammed. Be creative and original, don’t post repetitive comments or send unwanted private messages to other members of the community.
These are some of the actions we consider to be spamming, which is prohibited on Bingeme:
Don’t create pledging schemes; don’t contact other influencers to have a pledge-for-a-pledge kind of trade deal.
  1. Don’t use Bingeme to release or link to malware or phishing schemes
  2. Don’t make misleading posts to grow your subscriberage.
  3. Don’t post comments on other influencers’ pages promoting your own page.
  4. Don’t send a large number of unsolicited private messages asking for support.
  5. Don't use incorrect tagging in order to drive more search results.
  6. Don’t post multiple paid posts per day if you are a per-post influencer.
When reviewing reports about spam, we will distinguish between commercial spam and friendly abuse such as legitimate influencers spamming other influencers’ pages. If we determine the spam is friendly abuse, the account will be flagged; repeat offenses will lead to full removal of the influencer or subscriber page. Commercial spamming by an account that is not a legitimate influencer will be removed from Bingeme.

Subscriber or Fan accounts

These standards' attitude also applies to subscribers. While we feel that influencers are the best people to manage their communities, our team will occasionally check complaints regarding subscriber behaviour.

We will keep the activity of one of your subscribers under evaluation confidential if you request it.

Our team carefully examines allegations of hate speech, harassment, and solicitation, and we will take action against a subscriber account if we discover that they have broken our rules.

Please keep in mind that we will not provide any information about the action we may have taken against a subscriber's account. Most importantly, if you feel threatened by a subscriber, you should always seek the assistance of your local law authorities and contact the cyber crime section. When there is an investigation, Bingeme will work closely with law enforcement.

This policy is part of Bingeme’s Terms of Use. For further information, contact Bingeme at

Bingeme’s role

Our goal at Bingeme is to establish an atmosphere where a single influencer/business may earn money while focusing on their creativity. We will do all possible to ensure that influencers may profit from their work and fan base. We want to provide influencers the tools they need to be their own boss. We realise and spread the notion that we all need to work in the areas of law, he said.